Workshop Sessions

Welcome! So glad you are here.  You can find all the Workshop sessions below. Want to purchase another session? No problem, just hit the button.
The Application Guides for each session are on their individual landing pages as well.


Business 101 - Ian Lee

Taught by the legendary Ian Lee of Lee Spirit’s Co in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He’s going to go through an overview of business. What the hell is that? Well, he’s going to dip into a whole bunch of subjects like: Having an idea and running with it, managing money, growing your business, which business approach is best, how to get things to market, time management, maximizing who you are as an business person. 


Money! - Mike Ruman

Mike Ruman gets to throw money at us. Not literally... A super experienced free-lancer himself, he’ll be able to lend some critical knowledge about how to manage money, what things to avoid with money, and how to plan for the future. Let’s face it, this is an awkward topic, so let’s crush it together...


Specialization - Michael Park

Michael Park, the VP of Product and Design at BombBomb, will throw down on finding what you’re good at and running with that. He’ll help us discover the uniqueness of our personalities and skillsets, make us be honest with the shit we suck at, and also look towards how we can best work with the people around us to maximize everyone’s potential.


Making Ideas Happen - A Forum

A whole slew of great people! This is going to be a forum-style where we talked to entrepreneurs and idea makers about how they make things happen and what they’ve learned in the past. Lawrence Wagner, the co-founder of 1 Million Cups COS and Spark Mindset; Bri McGrew, the owner and crafter of The Universe Conspires Jewelry; Tyler Hill, from Loyal Coffee; and Mundi Ross from Colorado Collective. Woot!


Marketing and "Sales" - Beau Haralson

Mike Worley and Beau Haralson of Clymb Marketing in Denver, Colorado are going to finish off our time together by hitting on a critical topic. Learning how to best market ourselves and “sell” what we have to offer. Often a wierd concept for creatives, they’ll teach us a systematic approach that we can implement to get more of the work that we want and more of the work that pays well.