Tiffany Wismer // Writer

One of the best parts of coworking is discovering awesome things that other people are doing as we work along side them. Getting to know what our members are all about is a big part of why we do what we do, and making sure the world knows that they're awesome is equally important!

So let's talk about our friend, WF member, and sc-fi writer Tiffany Wismer. 

Tiffany's stories are about a ship called The Fallingstar, and they're full of adventure, wisdom, and emotion that will keep you turning pages as fast as she can write them!

"Flight of The Fallingstar is an episodic series of short stories about a labor transport ship. The ship belongs to a man called Keldan Green, who is also the ship’s Captain and one of four pilots who operate and fly the ship. Its passengers are aliens of all walks of life trying to find employment on other worlds or, in some cases, to escape their own. The stories are about Keldan, his crew and the passengers aboard ship." -

You can reach Tiffany on Twitter (@tkimballwismer), Facebook, and Instagram (@tkwismer)


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