Alex Lewis // Car Window Poetry

If you're out and about in Colorado Springs, then it probably didn't take you long to notice that we have some exceptional people here. Let's talk about them more.

Some folks say that while we have everything one could ever want in a beautiful landscape right out our back door (awesome), our city has been the same for decades, leaving much to be desired in areas like culture and diversity (not awesome). But in recent years, influencers have emerged and forced things to start changing. These are the kind of people that are done with sitting around. They're going out of their way for a bigger purpose, even when it would be easier to let someone else do it, or move to another city. 

One of these hidden gems is our good friend Alex Lewis, founder of Car Window Poetry. It's hard to decide whether we should talk about Alex for his humility, hustle and genuineness we all love him for, or CWP for it's unrelenting mission to make the world a better place, starting intentionally here in COS. So let's talk about both.

If Alex had any say in this article, he wouldn't want himself at the forefront. He'd want to focus on the thousands of people who have downloaded CWP cards (from the website above) and used words to spread positive messages like hope, love and puppies. There are definitely some poems about puppies out there.

Car Window Poetry has an important mission: bringing people together around positive messages, especially during times of division. But the way to go about it can be the simplest approach: just leave some nice words on a windshield. You don't have to be a poet to make someones day better.

They say that "words matter" and the beauty and power that comes from sharing them with other humans is unstoppable. That's how the world becomes a better place.

Car Window Poetry has been featured on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, and a ton of other local and national publications you can check out here. Follow on social media at @carwindowpoetry.

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