Change Is In The Air!


Here's the deal: Over the past 12 months, we've had a killer time serving you coffee, bringing you awesome retail goods, hosting events and creating a rad co-working community and space.
But sometimes when you do a lot of things, they don't reach their full potential. And as Ron Swanson once said "I'd rather whole-ass one thing than half-ass a bunch of things." We agree. But let us say that we are so stoked at how many of you have found Welcome Fellow as an inspiring space, we love you!

So after 12 months we've decided to shift our plan a bit. Starting April 1st, we'll be dedicating our entire space to JUST CO-WORKING & events. This means the space will be closed to the public. We want to serve you guys well, and to do that, we have to say "no" to some things like the coffee and retail. The folks at Peak Place have been so AWESOME and we're so glad they tried out the concept with us, they are phenomenal humans!

We'll still be doing events, markets, small concerts, etc. and YOU ARE more than welcome to sign up for a membership. We also offer day passes, but you have to email us ahead of time at

Our co-working memberships are now going to be packed full of great stuff and fantastic people. Plus, we're changing the space around a bit to make it even an even more inspiring and comfortable space to work in. Interested? Check it all out right here.

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