The Power Of Working Together


If you're a freelancer, small business owner or entrepreneur of some kind, then you know the constant, underlying drive that motivates you. The ultimate goal. The independence. Blazing your own trail and doing it better than anyone has before you. Welcome Fellow is full of such personalities. These are some of the most powerful motivations behind doing what we do. 

But there's more to it.

The human wiring diagram will always be a complex maze that leads to other people. No matter how independent we are, we still seek the belonging, support and growth we can only get from those around us. Our nature has never been to be alone.

Coworking is designed to be a powerful combination of independence and community. There's nothing more powerful than following your passions, so we say do it together. When we do that, we multiply our strengths, and things are better for all of us.


How Coworking Improves Individuals and Communities

Coworking in and of itself is one of our favorite ideas, but it's a means to an end. We're not just here to plant our computers in the same room and "work together". The end goal is relationships and prosperity, cause those are what leave sustainable impact.

Support means strength


Especially when you're following a dream or taking a leap of faith, there's no substitute for support along the way. From helpful advice to straight up pep talks when you're about to give up, we all need support if we're going to keep at it. It gives strength.

Strength means growth

When we feel empowered and motivated, we can do great things. Part of the beauty of coworking is that we get strength from those around us in the form of experience, knowledge, and friendship. That's what creates growth and forward progress. We may be able to attack our goals from a couple angles by ourselves, but we grow faster and stronger when we have a team around us. 

Growth means success

No one ever got where they wanted to be without taking the baby steps required to get there. We think there's beauty in that process, so there's nothing better than when people join us at WF, and just get better and better at what they do. Success comes with slow and steady growth. That's what gives birth to sustainable communities.

But our goals don't stop there. By growing the coworking community, we hope to continue being an integral part of making big things happen in Colorado Springs. If you're down to help, we'll make it easier than ever to join us.

Memberships are only $150/mo. 24/7 access, free drinks, no contracts, private meeting space with all the fixins like white boards/printer/Apple TV, and most importantly...everything we mentioned in the paragraphs above. Hit us up NOW!

Graduate from coffee shop life to a much better work experience. Join the Welcome Fellow community today! Apply Here.





Welcome Fellow is an affordable coworking space, providing office, meeting, and event space for dreamers and doers like you! Interested in becoming a member, or hosting an event? Just shoot us an email at and we'll be happy to help! Follow us at @welcomefellow for all the fun events we host and cool things happening as well!