The Workshop: Why should I go?

Here's the thing: We love learning, growing, and making more friends. What's even cooler is when an opportunity arises when you can learn stuff that will help you be better person, do better business, create better things, and make more money. This is why we created The Workshop: A series for creators, doers, and thinkers. The beginning of the year is the best time to get focused, buckle down, and set-up the rest of the year to do better than you ever have.

Who is The Workshop for? It's for the creative soul, the person who wants to invest in themselves, maximize strong areas, grow in weak areas, meet like-minded friends, live life adventurously, and learn from other folks with experience and great stories.

We've got an incredible line-up of folks that have started many businesses, free-lanced for 10+ years, created apps, built websites, make jewelry, focus on crafting beautiful experiences, advocate for the city, highlight the beauty of Colorado, and engaging storytellers.

We'll be straight with you: We want you at The Workshop. We promise you it'll be worth every dollar, and if you're dissatisfied at the end of it, we'll refund you. 

Here's some of the value we've packed in:
- 5 sessions where you hear from 8 speakers all from different contexts and backgrounds
- There'll be a LEGIT happy hour on Friday night during the "Money" session sponsored by Lee Spirits Co
- Saturday lunch is on us!
- You get a whole kit of goods including notebooks, pens, Field Notes, etc.
- Access to video recordings of all the sessions
- Ongoing support through access to our new digital membership platform
- Extended Q & A with each instructor; ask anything you want
- A Workshop Guide with questions and space to help you apply the instruction directly to your life and current situation

Interested? It's coming up fast! January 13/14 and you can grab your tickets here! Let's do this and make 2017 the best ever...