Co-Working: We Make Better Together

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Welcome Fellow is a space where anybody can come in and enjoy a cup of coffee, browse curated apparel and goods, take some time to sit, think & work, AND it also exists as a membership based co-working space. So why co-working?

"Who you hang out with determines what you dream about and what you collide with. And the collisions and the dreams lead to your changes. And the changes are what you become. Change the outcome by changing your circle.”
– Seth Godin

Every person is a creator, whether that be an a designer, photographer, web developer, or accountant. We each craft our own lives and realities through the work we do and we think it becomes a whole lot more fun when we have good friends & community.

And as humans we make things better in community.

So we created co-working membership as a core part of Welcome Fellow so people can create, engage in meaningful friendship and community, as well as having an inspiring workspace.

There's a whole bunch of fun details behind it like 2 flexible, month-to-month membership types (Flex and Fixed Desks) Plus: an inspiring workspace and community of other members, 24/7 access, high-speed Wi-Fi, free beer & coffee, member events, complimentary rentals of the space, access to a online network of resources and learning curated by Welcome Fellow, and all the fixings of an office.

Ok, last thought: you might work out of coffee shops and be thinking that co-working is pointless. But real quick, do the math:
5 days/week buying an average of 2 coffees($3/each) and a bit of food($6). That adds up to $240/month. Now figure a membership is $200-$300, you get 24/7 access, and a permanent space to toss all your stuff. Plus the coffee is killer (and complimentary) and you get to know other members that can lend a hand on projects, or just be there for a friendly conversation.

Interested? Let us show you the space and chat! Shoot us a note below!