Hold Fast Coffee Co. at WF

If there's anything we really love at Welcome Fellow, it's collaboration...and coffee.

And you guys. And having fun.

And making our city a better place to live. 

I'm getting off track here...


We're so excited to announce that our friends at Hold Fast Coffee Co will be taking over our coffee bar at WF, and not just for the weekend. Hold Fast is an extension of Peak Place, a coffee shop and community leader in northern Colorado Springs. They have a passion collaboration and growth, and WF has been looking to grow the public portion of what we do.

Beginning September 1st, Hold Fast will be offering their own roasts in the form of pour overs, cold brew - and yes - espresso! So, get ready for some more drink options around here, and a few awesome new faces serving them to you. Swing by, get some work done, and be inspired.

Hours will be the same (Tues/Wed & Fri/Sat 7am-3pm)