Member Profile - Chris Murphy

What do you do for work? + What do you spend most of your time doing at WF?

Writer + Brand/Culture Coach

Much of my time at Welcome Fellow is spent with a pen and pad staring out of the window in deep thought — that is, until one of my fellow coworkers brings me back down to earth with some welcomed conversation!

What are your hobbies?

“Hobbies”. What a strange word, isn’t it? Hobbies. Hobbies. Hobbies …

I love many things, but I’ll focus on one of recent memory. I was up on the coast of Washington state, and decided to take a spontaneous trip out to Deception Pass. The weather was calm — the sun was shining — the shore was empty — and the sea was settled. 

I walked barefoot through the shallows, canvassing the beaches for unique shapes, colors, and blends of stones. The small waves would toss the stones about, which would bring a new mix of color and discovery after each passing wave. Before I knew it, I had spent nearly 3 hours out in that park. 

There’s something about rock hunting that I just love. The earth has so much beauty to be seen in the variation of minerals. It gives my mind the opportunity to let go and simply enjoy — no overthinking — no responsibilities — just me, exploring the subtle details of God’s creation. 

What’s the most challenging part of running your particular business, and do you have any advice about the struggle?

Whew, big question. 

Well, I think it would have to be balance — and not in the way one might think. I’ve always been a believer that the strongest work is grown from a heart and mind that is 100 percent focused. I believe we’re meant to live ‘one-at-a-time’ — whether it’s a client meeting, creative project, personal relationship, etc. 

Think of it this way — responsibilities are not to be juggled— it’s about carving our specific time for each one and not letting anything distract you from that moment when you have it.

Of course, life is hardly simple and full of distractions.

Finding this one-at-a-time type of balance requires the wisdom of knowing when to say ‘no’, dedication to a detailed schedule and lifestyle that caters to the individual, rather than multi-tasking, and lastly — a hefty portion of grace when things don’t work out or you get overwhelmed (as frustrations can spill into all areas of the heart if we let them). 

My advice is this — be intentional. There are plenty of scary things in the life of a creative/freelancer/contractor/entrepreneur, or anyone else really, but everything tends to line up when you truly give your all.

Which movie theme song would you want to be your life theme song?

Jurassic Park — obviously. Not sure my life is quite as thrilling as rediscovering dinosaurs, but John Williams perfectly captured the mystery, wonder, and majesty of a moment with that song.

What’s your favorite Disney movie?

Charlie the Lonesome Cougar