The Power Of Working Together


If you're a freelancer, small business owner or entrepreneur of some kind, then you know the constant, underlying drive that motivates you. The ultimate goal. The independence. Blazing your own trail and doing it better than anyone has before you. Welcome Fellow is full of such personalities. These are some of the most powerful motivations behind doing what we do. 

But there's more to it.

The human wiring diagram will always be a complex maze that leads to other people. No matter how independent we are, we still seek the belonging, support and growth we can only get from those around us. Our nature has never been to be alone.

Coworking is designed to be a powerful combination of independence and community. There's nothing more powerful than following your passions, so we say do it together. When we do that, we multiply our strengths, and things are better for all of us.


How Coworking Improves Individuals and Communities

Coworking in and of itself is one of our favorite ideas, but it's a means to an end. We're not just here to plant our computers in the same room and "work together". The end goal is relationships and prosperity, cause those are what leave sustainable impact.

Support means strength


Especially when you're following a dream or taking a leap of faith, there's no substitute for support along the way. From helpful advice to straight up pep talks when you're about to give up, we all need support if we're going to keep at it. It gives strength.

Strength means growth

When we feel empowered and motivated, we can do great things. Part of the beauty of coworking is that we get strength from those around us in the form of experience, knowledge, and friendship. That's what creates growth and forward progress. We may be able to attack our goals from a couple angles by ourselves, but we grow faster and stronger when we have a team around us. 

Growth means success

No one ever got where they wanted to be without taking the baby steps required to get there. We think there's beauty in that process, so there's nothing better than when people join us at WF, and just get better and better at what they do. Success comes with slow and steady growth. That's what gives birth to sustainable communities.

But our goals don't stop there. By growing the coworking community, we hope to continue being an integral part of making big things happen in Colorado Springs. If you're down to help, we'll make it easier than ever to join us.

Memberships are only $150/mo. 24/7 access, free drinks, no contracts, private meeting space with all the fixins like white boards/printer/Apple TV, and most importantly...everything we mentioned in the paragraphs above. Hit us up NOW!

Graduate from coffee shop life to a much better work experience. Join the Welcome Fellow community today! Apply Here.





Welcome Fellow is an affordable coworking space, providing office, meeting, and event space for dreamers and doers like you! Interested in becoming a member, or hosting an event? Just shoot us an email at and we'll be happy to help! Follow us at @welcomefellow for all the fun events we host and cool things happening as well!

Bri McGrew // The Universe Conspires

If there's one thing we love at WF, it's the creatives in our city. Especially the hands-on kind! From leather workers, to potters, to candle makers, we want to make room for them and their great work to shine.

Bri McGrew of The Universe Conspires is one of the first artists that comes to mind in this category. With her fine art background, she creates one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces you just can't get from anyone else (except of course her stockists).

Why do we love Bri? Well for starters, WF came from a history Bri helped create. WF started with monthly markets where all we wanted was to get creatives together to sell the quality products they make. So as part of those first markets, Bri is what you would call an OG Fellow (in technical terms). Her decision to plant in COS over the last several years, make a real impact, and maintain top-notch quality standards have set her apart in our town big time.

That's why we think and speak so highly of her and her work! Visit her website asap, and as the saying goes, support local business!




Welcome Fellow is an affordable coworking space, providing office, meeting, and event space for dreamers and doers like you! Interested in becoming a member, or hosting an event? Just shoot us an email at and we'll be happy to help! Follow us at @welcomefellow for all the fun events we host and cool things happening as well!

Tiffany Wismer // Writer

One of the best parts of coworking is discovering awesome things that other people are doing as we work along side them. Getting to know what our members are all about is a big part of why we do what we do, and making sure the world knows that they're awesome is equally important!

So let's talk about our friend, WF member, and sc-fi writer Tiffany Wismer. 

Tiffany's stories are about a ship called The Fallingstar, and they're full of adventure, wisdom, and emotion that will keep you turning pages as fast as she can write them!

"Flight of The Fallingstar is an episodic series of short stories about a labor transport ship. The ship belongs to a man called Keldan Green, who is also the ship’s Captain and one of four pilots who operate and fly the ship. Its passengers are aliens of all walks of life trying to find employment on other worlds or, in some cases, to escape their own. The stories are about Keldan, his crew and the passengers aboard ship." -

You can reach Tiffany on Twitter (@tkimballwismer), Facebook, and Instagram (@tkwismer)


Board The Fallingstar at:




Welcome Fellow is an affordable coworking space, providing office, meeting, and event space for dreamers and doers like you! Interested in becoming a member? Just shoot us an email at and we'll be happy to help! Follow us at @welcomefellow for all the fun events we host!

Makers Market

We kicked off a pretty hot weekend on Saturday with our summer edition of the Makers Market! One of our favorite things to at WF is getting small, local businesses together so we can help each other grow!

In this case, we featured vintage goods from Thrift Junkie Vintage (@thriftjunkievintage), hand made candles from Light Provisions (@lightprovisions), quality goods from The Worley Co (@theworley), homemade pies from Tiny Kitchen Co (@tinykitchenco), gourmet lemonade from Pikes Peak Lemonade Co (@pikes_peak_lemonade), and handmade jewelry from The Universe Conspires (@theuniverseconspires).

The concept of the Makers Market is a big part of our history at WF. We started as a grass roots movement of makers and creatives who just wanted to get together and help put Colorado Springs on the map with our local brands. Since then, coworking and events have become our main avenue to getting the community fired up in our awesome city! But the Makers Market will always be there to remind of our history, rooted in local retail.

Welcome Fellow is an affordable coworking space, providing office, meeting, and event space for dreamers and doers like you! Interested in becoming a member? Just shoot us an email at and we'll be happy to help! Follow us at @welcomefellow for all the fun events we host!

WF Sessions: Jason Jackson & Taylor Jo Bowling

Listening to these two for a few songs will have you thinking about the freedom of the wild west, and the poetry of life. Here's a live clip from their show at Welcome Fellow.

Welcome Fellow Sessions is a monthly acoustic music set presented by Welcome Fellow, a coworking space, coffee shop, and small event venue in downtown COS.

The live concert showcases musicians in an intimate setting where they can interact with the crowd and play music in it's rawest form. The showcase is also recorded on video, so come prepared to be quiet, listen, and take cool photos!

Alex Lewis // Car Window Poetry

If you're out and about in Colorado Springs, then it probably didn't take you long to notice that we have some exceptional people here. Let's talk about them more.

Some folks say that while we have everything one could ever want in a beautiful landscape right out our back door (awesome), our city has been the same for decades, leaving much to be desired in areas like culture and diversity (not awesome). But in recent years, influencers have emerged and forced things to start changing. These are the kind of people that are done with sitting around. They're going out of their way for a bigger purpose, even when it would be easier to let someone else do it, or move to another city. 

One of these hidden gems is our good friend Alex Lewis, founder of Car Window Poetry. It's hard to decide whether we should talk about Alex for his humility, hustle and genuineness we all love him for, or CWP for it's unrelenting mission to make the world a better place, starting intentionally here in COS. So let's talk about both.

If Alex had any say in this article, he wouldn't want himself at the forefront. He'd want to focus on the thousands of people who have downloaded CWP cards (from the website above) and used words to spread positive messages like hope, love and puppies. There are definitely some poems about puppies out there.

Car Window Poetry has an important mission: bringing people together around positive messages, especially during times of division. But the way to go about it can be the simplest approach: just leave some nice words on a windshield. You don't have to be a poet to make someones day better.

They say that "words matter" and the beauty and power that comes from sharing them with other humans is unstoppable. That's how the world becomes a better place.

Car Window Poetry has been featured on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, and a ton of other local and national publications you can check out here. Follow on social media at @carwindowpoetry.

Welcome Fellow is an affordable coworking space, providing office, meeting, and event space for dreamers and doers like Alex. Interested in becoming a member? Just shoot us an email at and we'll be happy to help! Follow us at @welcomefellow!

Change Is In The Air!


Here's the deal: Over the past 12 months, we've had a killer time serving you coffee, bringing you awesome retail goods, hosting events and creating a rad co-working community and space.
But sometimes when you do a lot of things, they don't reach their full potential. And as Ron Swanson once said "I'd rather whole-ass one thing than half-ass a bunch of things." We agree. But let us say that we are so stoked at how many of you have found Welcome Fellow as an inspiring space, we love you!

So after 12 months we've decided to shift our plan a bit. Starting April 1st, we'll be dedicating our entire space to JUST CO-WORKING & events. This means the space will be closed to the public. We want to serve you guys well, and to do that, we have to say "no" to some things like the coffee and retail. The folks at Peak Place have been so AWESOME and we're so glad they tried out the concept with us, they are phenomenal humans!

We'll still be doing events, markets, small concerts, etc. and YOU ARE more than welcome to sign up for a membership. We also offer day passes, but you have to email us ahead of time at

Our co-working memberships are now going to be packed full of great stuff and fantastic people. Plus, we're changing the space around a bit to make it even an even more inspiring and comfortable space to work in. Interested? Check it all out right here.

IMG_1606 (1).jpg

Co-Working: We Make Better Together

IMG_1606 (1).jpg

Welcome Fellow is a space where anybody can come in and enjoy a cup of coffee, browse curated apparel and goods, take some time to sit, think & work, AND it also exists as a membership based co-working space. So why co-working?

"Who you hang out with determines what you dream about and what you collide with. And the collisions and the dreams lead to your changes. And the changes are what you become. Change the outcome by changing your circle.”
– Seth Godin

Every person is a creator, whether that be an a designer, photographer, web developer, or accountant. We each craft our own lives and realities through the work we do and we think it becomes a whole lot more fun when we have good friends & community.

And as humans we make things better in community.

So we created co-working membership as a core part of Welcome Fellow so people can create, engage in meaningful friendship and community, as well as having an inspiring workspace.

There's a whole bunch of fun details behind it like 2 flexible, month-to-month membership types (Flex and Fixed Desks) Plus: an inspiring workspace and community of other members, 24/7 access, high-speed Wi-Fi, free beer & coffee, member events, complimentary rentals of the space, access to a online network of resources and learning curated by Welcome Fellow, and all the fixings of an office.

Ok, last thought: you might work out of coffee shops and be thinking that co-working is pointless. But real quick, do the math:
5 days/week buying an average of 2 coffees($3/each) and a bit of food($6). That adds up to $240/month. Now figure a membership is $200-$300, you get 24/7 access, and a permanent space to toss all your stuff. Plus the coffee is killer (and complimentary) and you get to know other members that can lend a hand on projects, or just be there for a friendly conversation.

Interested? Let us show you the space and chat! Shoot us a note below! 

The Workshop: Why should I go?

Here's the thing: We love learning, growing, and making more friends. What's even cooler is when an opportunity arises when you can learn stuff that will help you be better person, do better business, create better things, and make more money. This is why we created The Workshop: A series for creators, doers, and thinkers. The beginning of the year is the best time to get focused, buckle down, and set-up the rest of the year to do better than you ever have.

Who is The Workshop for? It's for the creative soul, the person who wants to invest in themselves, maximize strong areas, grow in weak areas, meet like-minded friends, live life adventurously, and learn from other folks with experience and great stories.

We've got an incredible line-up of folks that have started many businesses, free-lanced for 10+ years, created apps, built websites, make jewelry, focus on crafting beautiful experiences, advocate for the city, highlight the beauty of Colorado, and engaging storytellers.

We'll be straight with you: We want you at The Workshop. We promise you it'll be worth every dollar, and if you're dissatisfied at the end of it, we'll refund you. 

Here's some of the value we've packed in:
- 5 sessions where you hear from 8 speakers all from different contexts and backgrounds
- There'll be a LEGIT happy hour on Friday night during the "Money" session sponsored by Lee Spirits Co
- Saturday lunch is on us!
- You get a whole kit of goods including notebooks, pens, Field Notes, etc.
- Access to video recordings of all the sessions
- Ongoing support through access to our new digital membership platform
- Extended Q & A with each instructor; ask anything you want
- A Workshop Guide with questions and space to help you apply the instruction directly to your life and current situation

Interested? It's coming up fast! January 13/14 and you can grab your tickets here! Let's do this and make 2017 the best ever...

Member Profile - Chris Murphy

What do you do for work? + What do you spend most of your time doing at WF?

Writer + Brand/Culture Coach

Much of my time at Welcome Fellow is spent with a pen and pad staring out of the window in deep thought — that is, until one of my fellow coworkers brings me back down to earth with some welcomed conversation!

What are your hobbies?

“Hobbies”. What a strange word, isn’t it? Hobbies. Hobbies. Hobbies …

I love many things, but I’ll focus on one of recent memory. I was up on the coast of Washington state, and decided to take a spontaneous trip out to Deception Pass. The weather was calm — the sun was shining — the shore was empty — and the sea was settled. 

I walked barefoot through the shallows, canvassing the beaches for unique shapes, colors, and blends of stones. The small waves would toss the stones about, which would bring a new mix of color and discovery after each passing wave. Before I knew it, I had spent nearly 3 hours out in that park. 

There’s something about rock hunting that I just love. The earth has so much beauty to be seen in the variation of minerals. It gives my mind the opportunity to let go and simply enjoy — no overthinking — no responsibilities — just me, exploring the subtle details of God’s creation. 

What’s the most challenging part of running your particular business, and do you have any advice about the struggle?

Whew, big question. 

Well, I think it would have to be balance — and not in the way one might think. I’ve always been a believer that the strongest work is grown from a heart and mind that is 100 percent focused. I believe we’re meant to live ‘one-at-a-time’ — whether it’s a client meeting, creative project, personal relationship, etc. 

Think of it this way — responsibilities are not to be juggled— it’s about carving our specific time for each one and not letting anything distract you from that moment when you have it.

Of course, life is hardly simple and full of distractions.

Finding this one-at-a-time type of balance requires the wisdom of knowing when to say ‘no’, dedication to a detailed schedule and lifestyle that caters to the individual, rather than multi-tasking, and lastly — a hefty portion of grace when things don’t work out or you get overwhelmed (as frustrations can spill into all areas of the heart if we let them). 

My advice is this — be intentional. There are plenty of scary things in the life of a creative/freelancer/contractor/entrepreneur, or anyone else really, but everything tends to line up when you truly give your all.

Which movie theme song would you want to be your life theme song?

Jurassic Park — obviously. Not sure my life is quite as thrilling as rediscovering dinosaurs, but John Williams perfectly captured the mystery, wonder, and majesty of a moment with that song.

What’s your favorite Disney movie?

Charlie the Lonesome Cougar

Member Profile - Karen Mitchell

At WF, our members are like family. Since you should also know how great they are, we're going to blog about them. For starters, here's Kar! (it's pronounced "Care")

What do you do for work?

I am part of a photography studio that focuses on weddings + family photography!

What do you spend most of your time doing at WF?

Computer things: coordinating schedules, running social media accounts and adjusting photos.

What are your hobbies?

I LOVE hiking, traveling and hosting people with too much food and even more wine.

What’s the most challenging part of running your particular business, and do you have any advice about the struggle?

Photography is such an oversaturated market, especially in our sweet, little city.  Navigating plugging back in to the Springs after being away for a few years and differentiating our studio from everyone has been a bit of a challenge for me.  I think staying consistent in our work, turning images around quickly and continuing to build relationships all helps. 

Which movie theme song is your life theme song?

20th Century Fox Fanfare

What’s your favorite Disney movie?

I pick two. Parent Trap 1961 style + Beauty and the Beast.

Online Shop

Our online shop is LIVE (and in progress)!

Our goal is to make WF a place where you can count on finding a curated collection of goods from small Colorado Springs businesses that love what they do, and love doing it well. We promote collaboration and growth of the creative community through co-working and events, but we don't just want that to stay inside our four walls. We think you have a important role to play too. Buying local goods keeps the makers making, and the culture alive.

Hold Fast Coffee Co. at WF

If there's anything we really love at Welcome Fellow, it's collaboration...and coffee.

And you guys. And having fun.

And making our city a better place to live. 

I'm getting off track here...


We're so excited to announce that our friends at Hold Fast Coffee Co will be taking over our coffee bar at WF, and not just for the weekend. Hold Fast is an extension of Peak Place, a coffee shop and community leader in northern Colorado Springs. They have a passion collaboration and growth, and WF has been looking to grow the public portion of what we do.

Beginning September 1st, Hold Fast will be offering their own roasts in the form of pour overs, cold brew - and yes - espresso! So, get ready for some more drink options around here, and a few awesome new faces serving them to you. Swing by, get some work done, and be inspired.

Hours will be the same (Tues/Wed & Fri/Sat 7am-3pm) 

Press: The Independent — C.S. CO.

Image by — Richard Perez

Image by — Richard Perez

Barely 2 months open, and we have felt so much love! We love Colorado Springs! The Indy wrote a short piece on us. Thankful to be mentioned in one of our cities raddest publications! 

The Indy Article — Welcome Fellow, a limited coffee spot

Heres to the future of Colorado Springs! 

- The Fellas