Connecting the creative community.


Welcome Fellow exists to connect the creative community through an inspiring co-working space and versatile event venue.


Founded with a heart for community, creativity, and a passion for helping our city reach it's incredible potential, Welcome Fellow creates space for inspiring things to happen. We have an incredible community of co-workers that call Welcome Fellow their workspace while also being a space for the public, we incorporate both open-door Public Days and closed-door Private Days (for co-workers only). Not being shy of a good time, there's always something happening whether it be hosting company meetings, weddings, concerts, or workshops.



Community of Like-Minded Creatives
24/7 access
Free Drip coffee (like the good stuff...)
Use of space for meetings or events
Dedicated Hi Speed Wifi network
Full-service Coffee Bar (Hold Fast Coffee Roasters)
30% discount on coffee drinks
60” TV on wheels with Apple TV
Locker-space storage
Various spaces to work from (standing desks, couches, cafe tables, desks)

Dedicated Desk - $300/month
Flex-Desk - $200/month
Parking space - $50/month



We'll be straight with you...

We love events. Hosting, creating, or simply being a space where they happen. We're all about 'em.

A perfect space for stuff like: company meetings, workshops, presentations, weddings, concerts, art galleries, non-profit fundraisers, and parties. 

Check out our Event Calendar Here.

Here's the rundown:
616 N Tejon St, 80903
Everything on the floor is movable, in case you need an open room
Beautiful natural light
2 bathrooms
Any food & drink is allowed
Audio system and 60" TV on wheels available
Projector available upon request
Coffee service available upon request
Capacity for up to 75-80 people comfortably
1,000 sq ft (doesn't include back office, which is leased privately)


Public Hours

Tuesday/Wednesday: 7am-3pm
Friday/Saturday: 7am-3pm

Come on in! 
We've got a  beautiful, inspiring space to work in and a full-service coffee bar provided by our friends Hold Fast Coffee Roasters. Stop by for a good day of work or just take some time to chill out and read. Check out our selection of apparel, jewelry, ceramics, and candles from local makers and artists. OR check out our online shop here.
616 N Tejon Street, Downtown Colorado Springs




Ben Lew

Illustrator/Graphic Designer

Jeremy Worley

Brand Designer

Jeremy loves to make stuff. Specifically brands. He's stoked on seeing ideas come to life and watching people connect with things he's made. He's the Co-Founder of Welcome Fellow, owns TheWorley Co (a social good apparel brand), and free-lances.
Check out his portfolio here.


Chris Murphy

Copyrighter, Brand Strategist


Adam Morley

Digital Marketing Specialist


Karen Scheffe



Fellow Creative